Film poster for ‘Things We Dig’


Entries for the SDLFF 2015 Poster Design Competition:

PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter1 PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter2b PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter3b PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter4

PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter5 PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter6 PiaThrasher_SDLFFposter7

Design (and photography) for short film poster:


Fan Art for the TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ (t-shirt designs):

CarolGreenYellowwm CaroldBWYwm CarolBlackwm

Fan Art for the TV show ‘Supernatural’:



Fan Art for the TV show ‘Hannibal’:


Other product designs:


 To purchase items with Pia Thrasher’s design on them, please visit her Zazzle store:

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